PondSlayer Plastics

Field Staff  2018 – ?


By working with Field Staff, listening to your feedback and, constantly adding new quality products we are striving to be your one stop destination for all things fishing.  Follow us on INSTAGRAM and check back often to see what we are coming out with next !

Connect Scale

Pro Staff  2018 – ?

The ConnectScale Bluetooth® Smart Digital Scale and Fishing App is the most innovative solution to weighing and tracking catch data from fishing trips ever created. You catch it, you weigh it, the app logs it.  Using Bluetooth® Smart low energy technology the ConnectScale wirelessly transmits weight and air temperature data to the integrated app on your iOS or Android mobile device.  By simply weighing your catches you will be able to automatically log weight, air temperature, date, time, & GPS location to the ConnectScale App.  The ConnectScale App is currently available on iTunes and Google Play stores.  It features a simple and clean user interface the app allows you to easily capture key data of your catches and save them to a cloud database. View the Catch Log and Summary reports to review historical data on previous catches to help you remember the What, When, Where, and How. Want to brag to your fishing buddies? The app also allows you to share your catches on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


Woo Tungsten

Pro Staff 2018 – ?

Tired of tungsten that chips after half a day? Yeah, so were we. That’s why we created WOO! Tungsten.
High quality tungsten at low prices.