Hello world!

May 7, 2018 0 By ryan oglesby

As a computer programmer there seems nothing more appropriate than the post title “Hello World” to get things started.

At one time this site was dedicated to various media, tech, and games, along side new stories of oddities and the current memes. However, those days have passed, the site fell dormant, and eventually beyond repair. So I’m bringing it back in a different life, one that will span my many hobbies, collections and interest. As my wife says “what’s your hobby today?”

My ADD kicks in and I do bounce from hobby to hobby, and Interest to Interest, but whenever I jump into something new I do so head first. I’m an all-in or nothing kinda guy (where the OCD kicks in). Some hobbies stick for a while, others last a week or so, and the good ones keep coming back around as time allows. So what are some of these hobbies and misadventures that I’ll be posting about? The primary focus here will be around fishing, from the bank, kayak, or perhaps a boat in the not to distant future. Tips and tricks i learn on the way and the adventures and people I meet along the way.…and while I’m at it I’ll post things from lessons learned to bonehead purchases that I probably never should have made to begin with.